Martin Sotelano

Argentinean Bombshells 1

Argentinean Bombshells 1

Between 1980 and 2005 I used to work with the most beautiful glamour models in Argentina

This is one of the collections of images

Argentinean Bombshells 1

Argentinean Glamour Models


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Tango Creations Publishers created high quality paperback books with many of my artworks.
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Argentinean Bombshells (Volume 1)

Paperback, 48 Pages
Price: £17.99 (excl. VAT)
A portfolio of glamour models from Argentina.
These beautiful women used to captivating the imagination and intensify the libidos of thousands of Argentinean men around the year of 2000. Now you can see why thanks to this collection of selected images.
Martin Sotelano was one of the most prolific glamour and erotic photographers in Argentina from 1980 until 2005 when he moved to the UK.
He used to work for publishing companies and the adult industry.
This book contain a collection of some of his work reviewed and re-edited in order to give a more contemporary view to these (not too) old photos.

More than thirty years have gone by since Martin Sotelano started to capture erotica and glamour imagery.
His experience as Lighting Designer for “Teatro de Revista” and Cabarets gave to his photos a unique style.

You can buy it from LULU or AMAZON

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