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Sacred Sites, Profane Body – The Battle

Sacred Sites, Profane Body – The Battle

Welcome to our project that has been inspired by living and working in the sacred land of avalon, where the goddess is very much alive…
“ There is always a light in the darkness”

Sacred Sites - The Battle


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Sacred Sites, Profane Body

By Martin Sotelano, Karen Sotelano
Paperback, 44
List Price: £15.00

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The sacred and the profane. We visit sacred places full of ancient wisdom discovering the profanity that has caused Mother earth to suffer so. Discovering the sacralisation of the feminine body which in the upheavals of the world disappeared and became looked upon as profane.
The elements of love and home, of sexuality and work, of tenderness and warmth. The intuition and protection of all you hold sacred.

A collection of glamour pictures in ancient places around England and Wales

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