Martin Sotelano


I am available for commissions.

I am a professional and well known photographer and designer adviser.
I started my career in 1978 working for theatre companies. Since then I was developing my photography working with models, actors and product photography.

My work had being published in many magazines and I also used to deliver lectures on many occasions at international events and colleges.

I was also professor at the Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I will be happy to work in your ideas and needs to suit your requirements based on my style.

I am offering a job with no restrictions about the use of the images. No matter how many times and where you want to use them.

The images will be supplied in high quality and ready to be use up to your needs and specifications. (High or low resolutions, for printing, for websites, RGB, CMYK, you just need to tell me)

Free consultation

You can see some of my commissioned works here:

Emotion Cards

These emotion cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic recognition and willingness towards wanting to understand how a patient / client may be feeling in any given moment.


If you like the images and ideas you see in my website let me tell you can buy them from Tango Creations UK and Archers Boutique.


If you have any question please contact me: