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Transporter Birdge

Transporter Birdge

The Newport Transporter Bridge spans the River Usk in Newport, South Wales and is a Grade 1 Listed Structure. Its historic importance stems from its very unusual design. There are only two others like it in the UK and seven in the World. It is owned and run by Newport City Council and celebrated its centenary in September 2006.

What is a Transporter Bridge?

There have been and no doubt still are a number of bridges in the World referred to, I believe wrongly, as Transporter Bridges. We cannot do better than to quote the definition by Bridge Engineer Barry Mawson, “that a Transporter Bridge has to be a rigid purpose built structure at high level over the crossing from which a gondola is suspended”.

Using this criteria, it is known that 16 Transporter Bridges were built in the World plus one Bridge partly built and never completed. All these Bridges were built in the period between 1893 and 1916, a period in which Transporter Bridges could well handle traffic conditions of the time.


Lost Bridges

Only 8 Transporter Bridges remain….

Buenos Aries, Argentina

La Boca del Riachelo, spans river between City of Buenos Aires and Province of Buenos Aires.

Opened: 1914
The Bridge is also named “Nicolas Avellaneda” after the President of the Argentine Republic 1874-1880. A bridge was built about 200 metres away to relieve the Transporter Bridge which is currently out of use. Local people are planning its restoration.

UPDATE: The transporter bridge in Buenos Aires is working again.


Transporter Bridge - Newport
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