Digital art and pencil drawings mixed together in a distinctive collage.

Bodies -01 - Cuerpos 01

Mariano Salas:

Since his early days, he was committed to music and plastic arts.
Born in 1964, Buenos Aires, Argentina and he was a student of the Manuel Belgrano National Art College & Beato Angelico School. He continued his studies at Prilidiano Pueyrredón University and Ernesto de la Cordova. He acquired the highest qualifications and acknowledge in Art, Pre-press and Music. He also developed a prolific career as a musician. In his artworks he was searching for the feelings of the inner body and thoughts; happiness and disappointments; showing the human being lonely and trapped in a globalized and “highly communicated” world.

This is the result of a collaboration using his pencil draws.

Salas - Sotelano Gallery


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