By visiting ancient sacred places full of wisdom, we discover the sacralisation of the feminine body linked to these places.

But, in modern times, it has disappeared and become considered profane. The elements of love and home, sexuality and work, tenderness and warmth. The intuition and protection of all you hold sacred.

Having the advantage of travelling around for other jobs, we visit places like the Tor in Glastonbury (Somerset), Burrow Mup, Dorset, Willett’s Tower (near Elworthy), Mow Cop in Cheshire and Ogmore Castle in South Wales, among others. If you want more information about the locations, you can visit my other blog:

These are some of the images; I published a book with all the images and formation of this project. You can buy it here, in my shop, or on Amazon and other retailers. (Sacred Sites, Profane Body by Martin Sotelano ISBN: 9781471774034)

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