My name is Martin Sotelano and I can capture professional, creative photography for fashion, portraits, commercial and glamour with a particular artwork for agencies and magazines with a unique perspective resulting in a style that is both fresh and captivating.

My work has been published by magazines including I&M (Image and design magazine), Cosmopolitan, Noticias (News Magazine), Fotomundo (Photoworld magazine) among others.

Born in Argentina and lived in Glastonbury with my wife, Karen, until November 2007, now we live in Pontymister, Wales with a beautiful son, Llawdden and a lovely daughter, Crisiant.

I have a large experience in education in which includes developing and delivering courses and workshops and CPD courses based in Photography and Graphic Design subjects and had been work for well-known and recognized institutions and companies such as Palermo University, Corel Corp., AGEA S.A. (Clarin Newspaper), Raggio College, Assoc. Of Professional Photographers of Argentina (AFPRA), Cordoba National University, among others.

I am the author of several books and articles about Photography & Graphic Design. Also, I was invited by several institutions and exhibitors to make lectures and special seminars.

As part of my jobs is important to mention I can create, teaching and assess courses and programmes of study. Moreover, set, mark and assess work and examinations and provide feedback to students. I do also write articles relatives to the subjects, prepare, and deliver introductions or presentations.

Continuing development and researcher of innovative photography and lightning techniques making photography not only a job but a passion too.

As a former professor from well-known Universities from Argentina, training programmes developer for companies such as Corel Co. and Camera Clubs founder I am ready to create and deliver high-quality courses, workshops and CPDs for you.
I do also hold a PTTLs qualification in the UK.
Are you interested in tuition, please contact me

In a personal matter, I am a Traditional English Longbow Archer.

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