Art & Works


  • De la Gorra Theatre, San Telmo, Buenos Aires – 1986
  • Graphic Designers Buenos Aires Assoc.- 1993
  • Sisgraph 99 Digital Art Exhibition – 1999
  • Digital Glamour Professional Argentinean Photographers
  • 5º Salón Mercosur of Sacred Art “Padre Castañeda” 2000, (Digital Art Price)
  • Expo Sensual – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005
  • Sexpoerotica – Cordoba, Argentina 2006
  • Girona Theatre – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2007
  • A Fetish Night – Glastonbury, UK 2008
  • Fuuck, Photography Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011
  • VII Cultural Festival, 3D Museum Regional Art, Mexico DF, Mexico 2011
  • Fuuck, Photography Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012
  • Salon Arcano, Inescrutable Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012
  • Occulture Festival, Brighton, England 2012
  • Pan Summer Festival of Erotica – Glastonbury, UK 2013
  • Salon Arcano – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016
  • Risca LIbrary – Risca, UK 2017
  • Art on the Hill – Newport, UK 2018
  • Risca LIbrary – Risca, UK 2018
  • Blaenavon Heritage Centre – Blaenavon, UK 2019
  • Risca LIbrary – Risca, UK 2019

among others

For me, photography is just a path in my continuous searching for expressing myself.

My relationship with art started a long time ago when I participated in Draw& Painting lessons and become an Art Teacher (San Luis Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

After that, I decided to take photography courses at the San Martin Art Centre, also in Buenos Aires.

Working as a lighting designer for theatres gave me also the opportunity to apply and try out unusual lighting setups in my photography.

On another hand, being involved in cabaret, nightclubs, and contemporary theatre productions gave me a unique and rich experience in nude and erotica.

It becomes natural for me that the subject of most of my artworks was erotica related.

I was the forum moderator of the Erotic & Glamour photography in Multimagen (, also he gave workshops and courses of Glamour & Erotic photography in the AFPRA Buenos Aires & AFPRA Cba. (Professional Photographers Association Rep. Argentina in Buenos Aires & Cordoba).  Collaborator at Expoerotica in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and  Expo Sensual & Erotica in Cordoba (Argentina).

I have been working in erotic & glamour content for magazines and websites since 1995 and was the director of “Erotika”, a website for exchanging information about Nude & Glamour photography.

I did publish some Art-Books (Along with technical books) and I love to collaborate with fellows artist to create new things.