Martin Sotelano
ISBN 978-1-4710-4968-2

Book, 48 Pages
Print Book: Square (8.5 x 8.5 in / 216 x 216 mm), Standard Color, 80# White, Paperback, Glossy Cover

This book was inspired by “The Faerie Queene” by Edmund Spenser, published in 1590.
The Faerie Queene was the first epic in English and one of the most significant poems for later poets. Dedicating his creation to Elizabeth I, Spenser united medieval romance and Renaissance epic to expound the glory of the Virgin Queen.
The images in this book blend photos I made of re-enactment events and castles around England and Wales.
The text is related to the pictures (as the texts inspired the images), but there is no story. The book narrated the quests of nights, including Arthur (a young one), Merlin, Sir Guyon, Britomart (daughter of Ryence, King of South Wales and many more.

Book Preview

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