I have a large experience in education in which includes developing and delivering courses and workshops and CPD courses based in Photography and Graphic Design subjects and had been work for well-known and recognized institutions and companies such as Palermo University, Corel Corp., AGEA S.A. (Clarin Newspaper), Raggio College, Assoc. Of Professional Photographers of Argentina (AFPRA), Cordoba National University, among others.

I am the author of several books and articles about Photography & Graphic Design. Also, I was invited by several institutions and exhibitors to make lectures and special seminars.

As part of my jobs is important to mention I can create, teaching and assess courses and programmes of study. Moreover, set, mark and assess work and examinations and provide feedback to students. I do also write articles relatives to the subjects, prepare, and deliver introductions or presentations.

Continuing development and researcher of innovative photography and lightning techniques making photography not only a job but a passion too.


  • De la Gorra Theatre, San Telmo, Buenos Aires – 1986
  • Graphic Designers Buenos Aires Assoc.- 1993
  • Sisgraph 99 Digital Art Exhibition – 1999
  • Digital Glamour Professional Argentinean Photographers
  • 5º Salón Mercosur of Sacred Art “Padre Castañeda” 2000, (Digital Art Price)
  • Expo Sensual – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005
  • Sexpoerotica – Cordoba, Argentina 2006
  • Girona Theatre – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2007
  • A Fetish Night – Glastonbury, UK 2008
  • Fuuck, Photography Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011
  • VII Cultural Festival, 3D Museum Regional Art, Mexico DF, Mexico 2011
  • Fuuck, Photography Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012
  • Salon Arcano, Inescrutable Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012
  • Occulture Festival, Brighton, England 2012
  • Pan Summer Festival of Erotica – Glastonbury, UK 2013
  • Salon Arcano – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016
  • Risca LIbrary – Risca, UK 2017
  • Art on the Hill – Newport, UK 2018
  • Risca LIbrary – Risca, UK 2018
  • Blaenavon Heritage Centre – Blaenavon, UK 2019
  • Risca LIbrary – Risca, UK 2019
  • Chepstow Art Festival – Chepstow, UK 2021
    among others
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